100% Italiaanse handbuild customized frames

Cipollini levert handgemaakte custom build frames zoals alleen de Italianen dat kunnen. Cipollini frames zijn 100% Italiaans, 100% custom build, 100% handgemaakt, 100% uniek en 100% passie!


MCipollini is leef je rit, passie, drive, alles wat ons in staat stelt om te ademen en vooral te racen. Onze fietsen zijn ontworpen om een uitgebreide symbiose te genereren, zodat u één kunt worden met hun technologie. Om deze reden zetten we onze honger naar onderzoek, innovatie, Italiaansheid en obsessie tot in detail in alles wat we doen. Vanaf de eerste dag hebben we aan de zijde gestaan van de legende en kampioen Mario Cipollini en geen enkele uitdaging lijkt onmogelijk te overwinnen als we samen tegenover elkaar staan.


Bekijk de complete collectie op de website van Cipollini


DOLOMIA presents the lightest frame in the MCipollini range: 780 g for size M. The geometries designed for each size also return all the responsiveness typical of MCipollini frames, together with the perfect connection of the central motion rig. Performance is further enhanced by 3K fabric that provides the best stiffness to weight ratio achievable on carbon fibre frames. The internal cable routing, thanks to the 1′ 1/2 steering series and the specific fork, guarantees maximum integration for hydraulic and electronic cabling. Overall lightness is achieved thanks to the assembly using lighter components, within the limits allowed by the UCI.


This carbon steel racing bike stands apart for its dual frame construction. The upper part, thanks to the horizontal tubes and the small forks, ensures constant comfort while pedalling. The lower part, with oblique tubes and sleeve sections, makes the bike exceptionally rigid and responsive. The double seat holder optimises pedalling in the ideal position.


The power and stiffness sought by Mario Cipollini are applied to a bicycle with a racing mood thanks to its race geometries. This feeling is further enhanced by the true monocoque frame, which allows the use of carbon fibre to continue throughout the different points of the frame. The high module T1000 carbon fibre and the larger rear triangle profile also bestow superior structural stiffness for direct power transfer to the ground. This aspect is also enhanced by the front axle and the steering tube, which makes it possible to reach exceptionally high standards of bending stiffness.